Set The World

At Set the World we help our clients create and implement an ESG strategy.

In the sustainability team we provide environmental consultancy services to minimize the negative impact and to ease the way towards the reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gases throughout the value chain.
In the community team we seek to create and implement a complete social responsibility strategy.
In the governance team we help our clients to build a positive work environment through the implementation of different strategies based on their culture.


  • Enhances reputation

    Communicating the actions taken within the companies in ESG matter is part of the key to an investment strategy and the responsible positioning before the society, the environment and the economy.

    In this way, it is possible to reach an outstanding performance in competitive markets.

    83% of the consumers think companies should have an effective ESG strategy.

  • Creates value

    Applying ESG criteria could be a decisive factor in the client’s and investors decision.

  • Sustainable business in the long term

    The sustainable resource management is the key in a company strategy to guarantee the viability and the permanency in time.

    Through an ESG strategy it is possible to mitigate the risks related to the supply chain.

  • Better work environment

    Companies managed by people who feel comfortable get to perform better in the achievement of duties. Therefore, a good work environment is fundamental.

    An adequate ESG strategy could reach up to 50% of employee retention, more than a company without a strategy. It also could generate an increase in the productivity of 13%. As from of this, profits can be between 90% and 200% of the salary of the employee.

  • Attracts new clients and maintains your current ones

    Offering quality products and made them in a responsible way, it is a factor that satisfies the actual demands of society and determines the continuity of the brand existence and its demand.

    In turn, the company encourage the intern innovation to achieve a minor impact, therefore it emerges the opportunity of entering to new commercial segments.

  • Generates savings and it helps you to prevent risks

    It exists a positive relationship between the ESG metrics and the company market value. A company with good ESG practices could have an advantage of almost 17% over companies without an ESG strategy.

    In addition, the efficient use of resources represents an investment as it reduces the organization cost processes.

  • Helps you to prevent risks

    Counting with organizational processes under the ESG approach reduce risks to the work team and thereby, risk premiums can decrease.

    In turn, it prepares the company in case a new regulation could be applied.

  • Promotes the social appropriation of the company

    Through a good ESG politic, it is possible that society feel proud of counting with the company at its place of residence.

    This contributes to mitigate the risks of social license lack and ESG controversies.

  • Promotes people inclusion to work-related activities

    Strategies to obtain good ESG qualifications could involve the participation of people and close gaps, for instance, through the participation of women, people with disabilities, people with different kind of races and ages.

    A company with a diverse work team can raise its incomes to 19%.


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