Discover the benefits of International Renewable Energy Certificates


Today, the world governments, private sector and society are truly committed to taking action to stop climate change and achieve the global goal of net zero emissions by 2050. But, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “to achieve this, annual renewable energy use must increase at an average rate of about 13% over the next seven years“. (IAE, 2023)

In this context, companies have started to consume / produce this kind of electricity, and with it, they’ve also started to look for a certificate to their sustainable actions, such as International Renewable Energy Certifications.

A Renewable Energy Certificate, or REC, is a market-based instrument that represents property rights in environmental, social, and other non-power attributes, and gives credit for the use or production of 1 MWh of on-site and off-site renewable electricity generation. (EPA, 2023)

RECs are the only internationally valid tool to claim the use of renewable energy, allowing companies to mitigate emissions by reducing their carbon footprint, supporting renewable energy projects, improving their credit rating, and providing transparency to avoid greenwashing, making them more attractive to investors and stakeholders.

However, it is important that market participants and consumers understand the risks that can be found on the way to becoming a sustainable business, to avoid fraud, lack of standardization or complications.

At Set the World, we are committed to this transition, so we offer advice on the purchase and sale of international renewable energy certificates with the main features established by RE100 and international best practices, ensuring that our clients get the right product that guarantees their energy comes from a renewable generation plant. Contact us to discover all our solutions!

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