Report Your Organization’s ESG Performance Using GRI Standards


In 2015, global leaders embarked on a collective mission to combat climate change and mitigate the environmental impact of human activities. They committed to transforming policies, reducing emissions, and establishing a transparent system to monitor and report progress across governments, organizations, and companies.

A comprehensive framework designed to articulate a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) endeavors was born with the same goal. This framework, known as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), operates as a universal language, enabling global stakeholders to comprehend and evaluate these initiatives effectively. 

The GRI represents an internationally recognized standard that aids institutions of all kinds on their journey towards achieving net zero emissions goals. It consists of 3 types of information with interconnected components:

Universal Standards: Applicable to all organizations of varying sizes, activities, governance structures, and commitments. It provides the general information and the complete picture of the company.

Sector Standards: Specific information from companies is requested to be disclosed according to their sector.

Topic Standards: Customized report based on an organization’s materiality and unique circumstances, reflecting how it manages its impacts.

This methodology empowers companies to enhance performance measurement, management, and disclosing information in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By sharing this information, companies demonstrate their unwavering commitment, leading to increased long-term market value and trust. It fosters stronger relationships with employees, regulators, policymakers, and investors keenly interested in ESG practices.

At Set the World, we specialize in supporting companies in preparing their annual sustainability reports using the GRI standard. We help them to identify precise subjects, fine-tune data, and guide them towards accomplishing their sustainability goals. Learn more about us!

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